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Welcome to a new era of ski development!

Constant development can only be driven forward by active directing and guiding, using all of your experience and knowledge to create something new - and above all being driven by the idea of creating the best product.

Inspired by his father Eberhard » as the best alpine skier in the GDR and with the Fichtelberg on the doorstep, the step into ski construction was only a logical consequence for the company boss Peter Riedel. The idea is as simple as it is complex:

Alpine skis, which are completely manufactured in our own production facilities, from the idea over the development to handmade production.

Building my own skis was always kind of fascinating for me. The idea arose many years ago and has steadily matured since the first production in 2019. We are now able to produce highest quality skis. Many years of experience in winter sports and the most modern manufacturing processes guarantee a unique product”, says Peter Riedel.

After the first edition was launched in 2019 with complete success, the new "Edition 2023" was recently presented. In addition to an optical "facelift" in which stylish wooden elements were integrated into the carbon design, the new edition comes in different lengths and stiffnesses for different areas of use.

If you are looking for mass production, this is not a ski for you. With us, every ski is handmade and manufactured in small quantities*.

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*Since each ski is manufactured individually, there may be longer waiting times in production and delivery

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